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Serving EGA Chapters in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and parts of Illinois and Wisconsin

Welcome to the Great Lakes Region!

Welcome to the website for the Great Lakes Region (GLR) of The Embroiderers' Guild of America! The GLR has local EGA Chapters in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and parts of Illinois and Wisconsin.

If you are an experienced stitcher or just starting out, you are welcome to join us! Check out our Chapters menu to find a chapter near you. If you aren't from the Great Lakes Region, check the EGA Regions list for the website of the Region nearest you!

Latest Updates

Be sure to check the Region News page for all the latest updates! There, you can find information on upcoming events as well as recent changes to the website. Also, our Calendar page has a list of upcoming events sponsored by EGA, GLR, or our Chapters.

"Vision of Stitches 2020" Seminar is looking for teacher proposals. Click here for more info.

The Work of Our Hands, Then & Now - Dayton Symposium 2019. See calendar page for details - April 10th, 2019.

And Welcome to Our Website!

Use the menu to the left to find out more about us! We hope that most of the options are self-explanatory.

There is information about our Education opportunities, Outreach programs, and GLR Merchandise on those pages. Details about upcoming events, including Seminars and Meetings and State Days are also available. Be sure to check out the Past Events for a sample of what to expect there!

Our Members Area has three sections.

We welcome your suggestions on how to improve these pages!

EGA Policies require a signed release form for personal and copyrighted information posted on the website.

The GLR banner was designed by Charlotte McDonnell and stitched by members of the Monguagon Chapter.


EGA Mission
The mission of The Embroiderers' Guild of America is to inspire passion for the needle arts through education and the celebration of its heritage.

GLR Mission
The mission of the Great Lakes Region is to foster the highest standards of excellence in the practice of the art of embroidery through an active program of education.

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